StoneBridge Lighting was founded by a group of lighting engineers, designers and business people dedicated to creating a line of affordable, decorative outdoor lighting products. After years of research and development, StoneBridge lighting was launched.

Our philosophy, from the beginning, was to manufacture outdoor lighting products which would be attractive, simple to install and easy to service. In addition, our high quality products are durable and long lasting. From our modest beginnings to our new facility in Schaumburg, Illinois, we have grown to our present position in the industry.

We offer a variety of fixtures, poles and bases with optional accessories to provide a complete family line of products to fulfill any of your outdoor lighting needs.

Our lighting products are ideal for:



City Planners

Home Owner Associations

We provide cost effective solutions for your project:





Parking Lots

We focus on producing high quality, affordable lighting products by maintaining strict quality control procedures as well as constantly improving the design and performance of our products.

We have a complete Customer Care Service Department to address customer needs. Rest assured, that when you purchase a StoneBridge Lighting product you not only buy a fixture, pole or base, but you buy the talent, experience and knowledge of every StoneBridge employee to make sure your order is just what you wanted.

Thanks for visiting StoneBridge Lighting and we hope to see you again soon!